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McCort Spring Concert 2015

Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2198.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2259_1.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3510.jpg  Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3450.jpg
Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3508.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3438.jpg
    Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2239.jpg
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Bishop McCort Senior Awards 2015

a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3306_1.jpg a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3309.jpg a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3131.jpg
Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3149.jpg  z_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3259.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3241.jpg Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3108.jpg
z_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3251.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3229_1.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3206.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3101.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3199.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3189.jpg

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Bishop McCort Track & Field 2015

McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0848.jpg zz_McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0910_1.jpg zz_McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0984_1.jpg
McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0789.jpg McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0893.jpg McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0822.jpg
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Bishop McCort Prom 2015

McCort Prom 2015dsc_0352.jpg McCort Prom 2015dsc_0393.jpg McCort Prom 2015dsc_0461.jpg
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Bishop McCort Track & Field 2015

McCort track_04292015dsc_9767.jpg McCort track_04292015dsc_9901.jpg
McCort track_04292015dsc_9832.jpg McCort track_04292015dsc_9902.jpg
 McCort track_04292015dsc_9746.jpg
McCort track_04292015dsc_9940.jpg
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West Side Story at Bishop McCort

Click here for poster photos. Click here for Day 1 photos.
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 Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2866.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_8289.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2771.jpg
Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2732.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_8365.jpg

a_PRINT THIS INSTEAD  cast print this_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8037.jpg a_PRINT THIS_Maria and Tony_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8006.jpg a_PRINT THIS_Bernardo and Anita_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8013.jpg
a_PRINT THIS_America girls_West Side Story 2015_posterdsc_7925.jpg a_PRINT THIS_more girls_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7981.jpg
aa_ PRINT THIS_print this_JETS_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7828.jpg aa_PRINT THIS_print this_SHARKS_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7840.jpg
a_PRINT THIS_officers_West Side Story 2015_posterdsc_7883.jpg aa PRINT THIS_print this_teacher-bar tender_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7864.jpg west side story logo.png
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 252525 Logo from postcard.jpg


Scholarship Funding Day!

front porch photo redo.jpg

Current McCort students excited about 25/25/25!

 Ireland students.jpg

Emily Daley ’13 and Shane Boyd ‘13, both Duquesne students, are studying in Ireland this semester!

Prom Fashion Show 2015

Prom fashion show_02262015dsc_6923.jpg Prom fashion show_02262015dsc_6576.jpg Prom fashion show_02262015dsc_6557.jpg
Prom fashion show_02262015dsc_6774.jpg Prom fashion show_02262015dsc_6707.jpg
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McCort musicians participate in District Orchestra Festival

zzz_PMEA District 4_6 Orchestra Festival_02072015dsc_5718.jpg
Click here for photos from the PMEA District 4/6 Orchestra Festival.

McCort Crusher boys basketball 2015

McCort vs Berlin_01182015dsc_5503.jpg McCort vs Berlin_01182015dsc_5465.jpg
McCort vs Berlin_01182015dsc_5459.jpg McCort vs Berlin_01182015dsc_5373.jpg
McCort vs Berlin_01182015dsc_5351.jpg
Click here for varsity photos.   
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Bishop McCort Winter Formal 2015

BMCHS_Winter Formal_2015dsc_4938.jpg BMCHS_Winter Formal_2015dsc_4980.jpg
BMCHS_Winter Formal_2015dsc_5015.jpg
BMCHS_Winter Formal_2015dsc_4935.jpg BMCHS_Winter Formal_2015dsc_5163.jpg
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Concert celebrates Christmas

Christmas concert_12142014dsc_3839.jpg a_Christmas concert_12142014dsc_3869_1.jpg
Christmas concert_12142014dsc_3862.jpg
z_Christmas concert_12142014dsc_3876.jpg

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Spanish Mass Honors Our Lady of Guadalupe

McCort Spanish Mass_12072014dsc_3439.jpg McCort Spanish Mass_12072014dsc_3492.jpg
McCort Spanish Mass_12072014dsc_3529.jpg 
z_McCort Spanish Mass_12072014dsc_3586.jpg  McCort Spanish Mass_12072014dsc_3462.jpg
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Breakfast with Santa!

McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3317.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3337.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3369.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3346.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3374.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3313.jpg
McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3292.jpg McCort Santa_12062014dsc_3311.jpg
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McCort Drama Club Presents the 2nd Annual Dinner Theatre...

z_lores_a_trib-dem_McCort play 2014_group shotdsc_1789.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2096.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2220.jpg
Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2060.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2194.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2473.jpg
Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2272.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2287.jpg Bishop McCort play_11152014dsc_2327.jpg
Click on the following for Day 1 photosDay 2 photos and more photos.

And we are proud to present...


Click here to view the trailer to learn more about Faustina.



6-A 1st Round: Bishop McCort 3, Bishop Carroll 0

McCort volleyball_10272014dsc_0703.jpg McCort volleyball_10272014dsc_0720.jpg
McCort volleyball_10272014dsc_0728.jpg McCort volleyball_10272014dsc_0840.jpg
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Celebrating Senior Crushers
McCort football_10252014dsc_9953.jpg McCort football_10252014dsc_0111.jpg
McCort football_10252014dsc_0146.jpg
McCort football_10252014dsc_0153.jpg
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Bishop McCort Homecoming 2014
McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_6992.jpg McCort homecoming court_10042014dsc_6614.jpg
McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_6920.jpg
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McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_0971.jpg McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_1003.jpg
McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_1029.jpg McCort homecoming_10042014dsc_1020.jpg
Click here for homecoming football vs Beford photos.

Band_McCort homecoming court_10042014dsc_6783.jpg Band_McCort homecoming court_10042014dsc_6543.jpg
Band_McCort homecoming court_10042014dsc_6557.jpg Band_McCort homecoming court_10042014dsc_6568.jpg
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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Bishop McCort has partnered with the Laurel Auto Group in their dedication to fighting Ovarian Cancer. Throughout the month of SeptemberBEAT logo NEW.png we will hold various activities to spread awareness about this deadly disease.

To start the month off, students helped other volunteers in the community to Turn the Towns Teal, by tying teal ribbons and posting awareness signs throughout the Greater Johnstown region.Laurel Auto logo.jpg

Awareness of symptoms is critical for early detection. Fewer than 20 percent of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed early. There is no reliable screening test to detect Ovarian Cancer.    
Please click here to take a quick survey on Ovarian Cancer Awareness and you will be entered to win one of three $100 gift cards for your participation.  The survey will close September 30th and winners will be notified October 2nd.

“BEAT” this disease by recognizing the signs…


Bloating that is persistent
Eating less and feeling fuller
Abdominal pain
Trouble with your bladder

If any symptoms continue for 2-3 weeks, tell your doctor!

Click here to learn more.


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Calendar of Events


6:00PM / Penn Highlands

Noon Dismissal 


Periods 1-2-3

11:30AM dismissal


Periods 4-5/6

10:30AM dismissal


Finals periods 7-8-9

11:30AM dismissal